National Biofuel

Hello, we have to talk. There are numerous challenges. The dispersed development around the globe is an indicator for something new. There is certainly a “weak signal” - if not a mega trend - telling about a new production model.

1. National

2. Independent

3. Homeland Security

4. Supporting the farmers and rural areas

5. Forest owners and agro-land owners are probable beneficiaries

6. But the challenge is: are we able to improve the yield and profitability of production?

Biofuels are currently facing a complex set of challenges in order to succeed: cost reduction, CO2 tailpipe emissions reduction and better quality through quality and higher burning grades.

Cellulosic ethanol has been mentioned as the most promising technology in this field, although it won't surpass cereal and sugarcane ethanol in the near future. We have several strong players in this field in Finland only.

The fact that lots of politicians are interested in promoting ethanol is not new for Finland either. You have the corn-belt lobby in US. I suppose there are strong sugar cane interest groups in Brazil.

There are many believers in alternative fuels these days, be it biodiesel, ethanol or butanol, who wish to share their knowledge and passion about the energy potential of renewables to the masses. But there are also skeptics. The operational margins are narrow and that's causing a challenge to decision makers. We' ve seen that at Altia. Lännen tehtaat didn't proceed either.

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