Biofuels from pulp & paper by-products economically feasible, concludes Swedish study

Biofuels from pulp & paper by-products economically feasible, concludes Swedish study: "A new Swedish study concluded that renewable transportation fuels can be produced from biomass via black liquor gasification at a cost which is competitive with fossil-based gasoline and diesel.

In a recently finished EU project called BLGMF (Black Liquor Gasification with Motor Fuels production), a group of companies—Nykomb Synergetics, Volvo Bus Corporation, OK-Q8, Methanex, Chemrec, STFI and Ecotraffic—have investigated the possibilities to produce green transport fuels from biomass via gasification of “black liquor”, a by-product in the pulp & paper industry.

The group has made a technical and economical comparison of the new technology with today’s conventional methods of black liquor processing. The objective has been to maximize, in an environmentally friendly way, the chemical and energy recovery cycle efficiency in a pulp & paper mill, and at the same time produce transport fuels, such as bio-methanol or dimethyl ether (DME) from added biomass via black liquor gasification. The gasification technology (developed by Chemrec) results in biomass to bio-methanol conversion efficiency as high as 66%.

Due to the high process efficiency, a modern Swedish pulp & paper mill could produce bio-methanol at a cost which could compete with gasoline, concluded the study. This means that the"
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