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Piedmont Biofuels » Aggregator: "Tour de Biofuels - A Collection of Pertinent Blogs. We put up this page so that you can get your fix from the biofuels blogosphere in one place. In the parlance of blogging this is known as an “aggregator.” We are assuming, that like us, there is nothing you would rather do than stay current on as many biofuel blogs as possible.

If you would like to assemble a life outside of biofuels, shed your vehicle, quit your job, and move to a community where you can meet all of your needs on foot. At Piedmont Biofuels, we understand that doing such could take awhile, so we are providing this aggregator for your use in the meantime.

We’ve thrown in some wind, and some off-grid tales just to keep it lively, and we try to show them according to activity and interest level. From time to time we will prune the dead branches to make way for new growth."


Eric Case is another doubly cool green and tech geek. He works at Google on the Blogger team (hurray Blogger!) and, as you will see in this video, owns a Volkswagon Golf TDI that runs on pure biodiesel. Biodiesel is different than what Greg Rose uses which is Straight Vegetable Oil. Biodiesel is a more processed fuel that does not require your car to be converted for use. Eric walks us through the hows and whys of using biodiesel in his regular diesel Golf.

Check out Eric’s Biodiesel Blog and for more info on biodiesel visit The National Biodiesel Board.

  • Rudolf diesel
  • Biodiesel
  • Peanut oil
  • 1908
Take a look at Inifinifuel : Wabuska Nevada is home to the world's first geothermally powered and heated biodiesel plant, run by Infinifuel Biodiesel. In addition to biodiesel production facilities, the site provides oilseed storage, crushing and pressing facilities. We have over 300 acres to grow oilseed and develop algae ponds on site.

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