TechCrunch Blogger Michael Arrington Can Generate Buzz and Cash

TechCrunch Blogger Michael Arrington Can Generate Buzz and Cash: "To the world outside Silicon Valley's tight-knit community of startups, venture capitalists, and angel investors, TechCrunch is just another mouthy blog. But to entrepreneurs in the white-hot consumer Internet boom — known to many as Web 2.0 — Arrington has become a power broker.

In April, after an onstage conversation with the director of Web technologies at Sun Microsystems, he looked like a groom in a receiving line: For nearly an hour, the procession of entrepreneurs was 10 deep — all wanting to give Arrington a business card and an elevator pitch. At a recent conference in San Francisco, Rodney Moses, founder and CEO of FatSecret, an online dieting site, followed Arrington around for about 30 minutes to secure 10 minutes with him. 'I had read that's just what you do,' Moses says. 'You wait your turn.'

The wait can be worth it. A positive 400-word write-up on TechCrunch usually means a sudden bump in traffic and a major uptick in credibility among potential investors. In early March, for example, the site profiled Scribd, a San Francisco startup that bills itself as a YouTube for documents. CEO and cofounder Trip Adler says he had 10 calls from venture capitalists within 48 hours. 'We didn't want to raise venture capital initially,' Adler says. 'But the offers were at such"
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