Telcom convergence Chicago

Times do change, and the carrier world is no longer just about telecom or data anymore. Networking is now the backbone of convergence for both enterprise and consumer markets across voice, video and data.

Convergence, which for years was only a promise, has now become a reality with technology scaling to meet increasing demands. Some have argued that the capacity isn't there yet for full convergence and that video in the form of IPTV isn't quite yet ready.

An entire conference track called Digital Hollywood is dedicated to IPTV and how both the carriers and the networks themselves are rising to the challenge of full digital media convergence.
At the core though, connectivity and bandwidth remain critical issues.

More about all this at the NeXTComm Show in Chicago starting June 17, 2007.

The motivation: Because of Chicago's large investment in technology and communications infrastructure, they were recently selected as the United States’ bid city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.
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