A VC: The Mid Life Entrepreneur Crisis

A VC: The Mid Life Entrepreneur Crisis: "The Mid Life Entrepreneur Crisis | I have two meetings this week with guys in their early to mid 40s that are two of the best entrepreneurs I've ever worked with. Both are asking me the same thing - 'what should I do next?'

There are questions of motivations, work/life balance, not needing the money, looking for a big idea, etc. One of them asked me - do you know any 45 year old entrepreneurs?

Yes I do. Only one of the entrepreneurs in our current portfolio is older than 45. Moreover, he'll probably be starting companies until he dies. It's what he does.

Nevertheless, the facts are pretty eye opening. Nine of our eleven entrepreneurs are in their 30s. One is in his 20s, and one is in his 50s.

That says to me that prime time entrepreneurship is 30s. And its possibly getting younger as web technology meets youth culture. I gotta run to catch a plane to Boston, more thoughts on this later."

Age and entrepreneurship

  1. Age and accumulated knowledge and experience can be an asset
  2. There is more work to learn away from old habits
  3. Time management is easier with ability to stay focused
  4. Your network is more mature
  5. New technology helps to maintain contact with global connections
  6. Some of you connections from the past are in high-positions and offices
  7. Time works in favor in some cases
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