Will iPhone hype backfire?

Will iPhone hype backfire? -- OrlandoSentinel.com: "SAN JOSE, Calif. - Even for a company that has mastered the art of product-launch hoopla, Apple Inc. appears to have pulled out all the stops to propel iPhone hysteria into the stratosphere.

Technology analysts say Apple started its publicity campaign for the iPhone uncharacteristically early, first showing off the device six months ago and shrewdly stoking the media feeding frenzy since then with incremental announcements that have kept the sleek cell phone-multimedia player-Internet browser in the news.

It goes on sale Friday, and die-hard Apple fans are expected to line up outside retail stores to get their hands on an iPhone for either $499 or $599."

Helge: I've been writing about the launch at digitalvillages. Steven Jobs and Apple have failed before. The history of the company has been a roller-coaster. Going mobile and predicting the beginning of a post-PC era at Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference indicates that Jobs has some substance supporting his trend setting proclamation.

However, it's finally you and I who decide. The customers are the big un-known factor. iPod became a great success and money maker. It was something new, or was it? There were mp3 players on the market before Apple iPod's. They didn't innovate the product or the concept. Apple created a neat package and made music listening user friendly.

Are we going to get the same experience with iPhone? Time will show.

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