The World Ethanol Conference

The first World Ethanol conference, which was held in London in 1998. The organizers were thrilled to have around 180 delegates. As the Ethanol boom continued they certainly expected the delegate numbers to increase, but back then had no idea that the conference would grow in reputation and size to become the premier event for the global ethanol industry.

Last year the conference attracted an audience of over 600 senior executives from over 50 countries and this year it is expected to comfortably exceed this number.

The premier event for the ethanol industry, 5 - 8 November 2007, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam.

As the industry has grown in importance so have the opportunities and challenges. The Climate Change debate will continue to be a powerful driver for the industry. Policy initiatives in the US, Brazil, the EU and many Asian countries provide for a strongly growing market share for biofuels.

At the same time the food vs. fuel and sustainability debate has taken centre stage. There is no doubt that ethanol will increasingly become a topic that will feature in international trade agreements as the market matures, affecting all stakeholders in the industry.

World Ethanol 2007 will be an excellent forum to discuss these opportunities and challenges with key decision makers at an international level. Each year the conference brings together a distinguished international speaker panel and provides an exceptional opportunity to network with influential executives from all sectors.

Why you cannot afford to miss this workshop:

  • Gain a technical understanding of the end-to-end ethanol production process
  • Increase the efficiency and profitability of ethanol production
  • Capitalise on advancements in enzyme technology
  • Compare production techniques for a range of feedstocks
  • Achieve optimum air quality and emissions control
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