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What Web Conferences to Attend

There is now way for me to attend all the conferences. It would cost too much time and money to travel and to attend. The net is the window to those conferences. Blogs and Twitters give me insights to what happens in The Valley, Bay Area and US high-tech.

What Web Conferences to Attend: "Alex Iskold wrote a great post on his company's blog, outlining conference tips for startups. It is written from a vendor or sponsor's point of view and makes for interesting reading. Alex definitely recommends ETech, SXSW. He gives a firm 'maybe' to TechCrunch Party, Web 2.0 Expo, Web 2.0 Summit, Defrag, Blog World, AJAXWorld. His comments about what startups should do at conferences are helpful. For example he says of the recent TechCrunch party:
'The TechCrunch party was a total blast. A great atmosphere was created by a lot of people who matter in the valley. Overall, I had good demos and good conversations. A word of caution - most people are there to socialize not to loo…

coComment - Getting started

coComment - Getting started: "Getting started, coComment makes your online conversation a lot more fun, with a simple but useful set of services like conversation tracking and sharing, RSS feeds and alerts for conversations, and a variety of community oriented services.

Follow the guided tour: Discover what coComment can do for you in a few minutes. Let us show you the benefits of joining the coComment community!"

What is this good for?

coComment keeps a copy of all comments you make on the web (on blog sites, flickr, digg, full list of compatible platforms is here). If privacy is a concern, you can of course hide your comments from other users if you want. coComment displays all the conversations you're tracking in one convenient place - it works just like an email inbox. See it in action here! once you're tracking those conversations, coComment will show you whenever someone's added a comment, so you can effectively follow the …

IBM guidelines govern virtual employees IBM guidelines govern virtual employees: "SAN FRANCISCO — Anything pretty much goes in online virtual worlds. Identities are nebulous. Online characters known as avatars chat it up, gamble or even have sex at first sight.

Increasingly though, these online zones like Second Life are also becoming places where commerce is happening. Big companies such as IBM Corp. and Intel Corp. use these graphics-rich sites to conduct meetings among far-flung employees and to show customers graphical representations of ideas and products.

Now, in hopes of capturing the power of this new platform while avoiding potentially embarrassing incidents, IBM is taking the unusual step of establishing official guidelines for its more than 5,000 employees who inhabit Second Life and other online universes."

Helge: Online, virtual organizations, second life, online universe, guidelines...

Divided on the net

The way young people use the internet is changing rapidly, with mobile access and social networking growing in popularity.One of the fastest growing uses of the internet is for social networking. However, few people create their own content or use the net for social activism.

The digital divide is sill a reality. Those who not are using the net:PoorUneducatedElderlySilver surfers need to be encouraged more to try the web. According to US study, "Internet use falls off sharply after the age of 55 and among people who have retired. Only 31% of retired people use the internet, compared with 81% of those in work and 97% of students, a pattern which has persisted since 2003."

Blog Maverick

Blog Maverick: "Metcalfe's law states that the more nodes connected to a network the more valuable the network is. Its a simple yet brilliant concept. Since i have some time on my hands recovering from my hip replacement, I decided to ponder what laws applied to the value of video content and its viewers."

Nokia Extends Web Push With Twango Purchase -

Nokia Extends Web Push With Twango Purchase - "Nokia Corp. plans to announce today that it has bought an online photo- and video-sharing start-up in the latest of a series of acquisitions to expand beyond cellphones into Internet-related services in search of new sources of revenue.

The world's largest maker of cellphones by sales and market share is acquiring Twango Inc., a closely held Redmond, Wash., media-sharing Web site. The exact size of the deal isn't clear, but it is expected to be less than €70 million ($96.8 million), a person familiar with the matter said.
[Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo]

Amid increasing handset competition, Nokia Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is trying to develop new revenue streams such as music downloading and mapping. Since taking the helm last year, he has acquired two other software companies: digital-music distributor Loudeye for $60 million and a small German navigation-software company called gate5 for an undisclosed price."


Google's Free Trade Agenda -

Google's Free Trade Agenda - "Washington, D.C. - For the past several months, Google has been quietly lobbying the U.S. government to include restrictions against Internet censorship as a stipulation in free trade agreements with other countries.

The California-based Internet giant says that barriers to the free flow of information over the Web restrict commerce and economic development, and should therefore be considered barriers to free trade as well."

Helge: That sounds interesting, indeed.

Gmail - The Latest from TechCrunch

The Latest from TechCrunch: "I was very pleased to see Google publicly wade into the upcoming FCC auctions for the 700MHz spectrum that will occur early next year. Should all go well, the new spectrum could be used to create a new open-access wireless broadband “pipe” into people’s homes and devices. If things go less well, the existing wireless giants would buy the spectrum and impose similar usage restrictions that exist on cellular networks in the U.S. today, putting us further behind Europe and Asia."

Helge: I've been looking into this. It's interesting. Need to dig deeper into Google's attempt.

In a separate posting to the Google blog Chris Sacca (right) lays down “four freedoms” for the spectrum, which I’ve edited:Open applications: The same freedoms found on the Internet to download software, content, or services;Open devices: Devices must access any network consumers want.Open services: Fairness in wholesaling use of the spectrum to third parties.Open netwo…

Apple's profits Up

"This week Apple is expected to post their quarterly profits: this being the first report after the launch of the iPhone. Some analysts are predicting a surge of up to 35% over last quarter based on the reported 700,000 iPhones sold alone opening weekend." Blogs iPhone matters.

Helge: Next step Europe and Asia. Are there more news about Google's wireless venture and the software to create a generic operator idependent mobile phone access?

Ramblings of a Mad Man

Ramblings of a Mad Man: "Being a Canadian male, I am now happy to say that I am a slave to web 2.0 technology and all her trimmings, in a positive way. Yes, I am one of the sixty-four percent of Canadians, as outlined in a recent Angus Reid poll, which reads my email daily; in fact, my email is automatically checked every 15 minutes. Yes, Google makes my world go around as do Twitter, Facebook, Skype and the many other social programs I have graciously being introduced to by my technological gurus on the popular PacificITSkype chat, with whom I am honoured to be affiliated."

Helge: The Web 2.0 didn't seem to mean much in the beginning. Blogging was easier than html, but the same things were possible with web 1.0. But learning by doing has taken me to a new point and level. Twitter and Jaiku are cool. The short form blogging brings the social media to the front the little screen, your laptop, etc.

Web: Can A Social Network Save Business 2.0?

Web: Can A Social Network Save Business 2.0?: "Yesterday, I completely missed the news. The New York Times's Brad Stone wrote about, 'Ad Downtown Threatening the Survival of Business 2.0.' Forbes Brian Caulfield had even covered the impending demise of the publication, 'Bye-Bye, Business 2.0.'

And while I was sleeping on the development of this story, I even missed that a faithful reader, Colin Carmichael, had started a Facebook group called, 'I read Business2.0 - and I want to keep reading!' The magazine's Editor in Chief Josh Quittner, who has been trying to secure private investors to keep the magazine afloat has even joined the group, along with various Web 2.0 luminaries, like Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist; Matt Cohler, VP-strategy at Facebook, and others as reported by Advertising Age in 'Can Fans Save Business 2.0?'"

Drew McLellan: The Marketing Minute

Drew McLellan: The Marketing Minute: "Over lunch, we were talking about how there is no substitute for face time. And when old friends finally meet for the first time it's remarkable how quickly you ease into a natural and easy rhythm of conversation. Both of us agree - every blogger we've met has been just what we expected. You can't fake it when you hang it all out there every day. That quickly led to 'wouldn't it be great if we could all just get together for a weekend?' And uh can feel it. Suddenly I found my hand waving in the air and heard myself saying, 'let's do it.' So we are. Calling all bloggers across the world. You are hereby invited to the Blogger Social '08. (We want to give everyone time to save their pennies!)"

Helge: Face time is important, but I think we can do a lot online as well to save travel time. I've been struggling with the balance of facetime and online for years. Occasionally face time is t…


ITSinsider: "Today I participated in a wonderful introductory webinar for some of our CIO and IT director customers. My role was to talk broadly about what is happening in the blogosphere. Part of my task was to identify the do’s and don’ts of blogging. I put together a list of about a dozen, borrowing from other blogger’s suggestions, and adding a few of my own. I re-ordered them at the last minute and gave “passion” here a higher ranking. Passion is sticky in the blogosphere, so it has a lot of benefits to readers and bloggers alike."

Helge: Blogging is becoming mainstream. Europe is lacking behind. Blogging in Finland is increasing. The business bloggers is still a tiny crowd. Passion and endurance is needed. US bloggers write a lot about gadgets and platforms. I guess our topics are more national and we cover industry, business and politics.

The short form

The WSJ writes about Twitter. "This year Twitter is one of several new-media plays that networks are adding to their marketing mix, hoping to make inroads with the younger demographic that is hard to reach through traditional marketing."
Early adopters are using the short formI like the formJaiku is a Finnish alternative to Twitter
Twitter is still a tiny Web community, drawing only 370,000 unique visitors in June in the U.S., according to comScore Media Metrix. The company won't say how many people are registered to use the service.

Open and Interactive Enterprise

We twitter, blog, jaiku and wiki, email feels like Stone Age. How about, when companies had to rely on telex and the fax? How long will it take for larger corporations to embrace 2.0?The use of collaboration platforms Much talk about next generation toolsThe human element of enterprise 2.0The new open, global, open, innovative, sharing, interactive mindeset

Open and Generic Innovation System

First, we didn’t think about it as a business device, system or concept. We started with dispersed communication channels. But the integration ended up working better than we had hoped it would.
professional sales,
customer management,
transaction-based processing,
and database marketing services. We found when working with numerous small companies that it was useful in accessing new partners and customers. It provided great help in boosting sales and distribution of financial data.Investement opportunitiesFinancingField salesDeal making
The generic patterns were not easy to find. The first step was to split up channels and use them to access different businesses, markets and user groups.Now we are planning new innovative programs and application areas, and welcome those who are interested to come join us and suggest topics, writers, bloggers, content producers, webcasters and podcast speakers you would like to see at future online meetings and special events.


Service Management Process

The fear and uncertainty around the business information system can finally be dispelled. The process has been long and it took a long time to find the generic dimensions of the development.

We are focused on service management processes. The need for distributed manufacturing is to have a system with a collective information flow management.
Finding customersWhat are their needsDiscussing the planning and financingThe process has to be specific for each individual customerThe system has to be adaptive and flexible to suite the needs of various participantsManaging customized manufacturing requires more than just a set of processes. It's essential to create a working model that attracts users, clients, suppliers. Human interaction is important. We can't make these processes completely automated.

Multichannel Interactive Biz Info System

I’m working with a multi-channel, generic, interactive biz info system to support distributed manufacturing and client interaction.A clear pattern emerged Friday 13'th July 2007
Interaction with European innovation agents have been helpfulThe system can be applied to many application areasWhat kind of areas?
High-tech, software and electronicsDistributed and customized design, manufacturing and supply chain managementTechnical support organizationsInnovation with players in multiple locationsBuilding, asset management, real estate and investment projectsEnergy and utilities projects


I need to read more about Intellectis. Their home page: "We are specialists for mobile communication messaging through several networking technologies, especially through:WLAN,GSM / SMS. Our mission is to bring Scandinavian wireless high-tech to CE region. We match leading-edge technology companies from Finland and Sweden to Central-European Cellular operators, Data network operators, Logistics service providers, Information brokers." We have an experience of 30 years in IT and telecom solutions. Among others we have installed solutions at Mobilkom Austria, Swisscom and Orange Consulting is our business as well. E.g. we took care of operator relationships in Austria and Switzerland for IOBOX Ltd.

Elektrobit and RFID

According to information on EB website, "Elektrobit Corporation (EB) has June 29, 2007 purchased 100 per cent of the shares in7iD Technologies GmbH (the Transaction). 7iD, a company specialising in RFID technology, provides services and products for system integrators and RFID companies and delivers technology and turn-key solutions for supply chain and asset management in pharmaceutical, paper, aviation and automotive industries. 7iD is an active member of EPCglobal Inc., the international organisation developing standards for Electronic Product Code (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). 7iD is headquartered in Graz (Austria) and employs 21 people in total."


Olli, would you like to take a look at this: "As the RFID applications become more challenging with large number of readers in a dense deployment environment, it is no longer practical to manage the readers on an individual basis. EB is now able t…

Andrew McAfee Enterprise 2.0

Andrew McAfee: "July 06, 2007 The Enterprise 2.0 Repository

In my morning keynote at the recent Enterprise 2.0 conference I proposed the creation of a repository of enterprise 2.0 case studies that would itself adhere to E2.0 best practices -- it would be freely editable and extensible, and have an emergent rather than an imposed structure. I heard expressions of interest in the idea throughout the rest of the day, and when I sat down to dinner with my friends from the enterprise wiki company Socialtext they volunteered their software and told me they'd already grabbed a great domain name -- (disclosure: Socialtext lets me use their software for free, but I have no financial interest in the company and have done no paid work for it.).

So now we need to populate this site with all things enterprise 2.0, and we need some help getting started. will be publicly available soon, but it's not yet. When we open it up, we'd like to have some compelling in…

Paint your iPhone

Let's take a more artistic view on iPhone and some other things about how the world is changing.

Design to make it easy

In consulting you start to see patterns. I try to find something from Mashable. Here is some new and easy to use design.
GoogleMahalooBusiness TV
More and more companies are beginning to realize that their relationships with customers-and therefore customers’ impressions of their brand, are almost entirely mediated by technology, such as digital products, Web sites, and automated telephone systems. As a result, more companies are also realizing that interaction and experience design should be a core part of their business. Unfortunately, most companies have no idea how to build an internal design practice. Much less how to integrate that practice into their organizational structures, processes, and culture. Integrating design isn’t like plugging in a new telephone system. It requires careful planning and commitment to cultural change. Based on Cooper’s experience with hundreds of projects and companies, Kim Goodwin will discuss what it takes to build an effective and lastin…

Answering Shel Israel’s SAP/social media questionnaire « AccMan

Answering Shel Israel’s SAP/social media questionnaire « AccMan: "1. You are one of the EU pioneers of social media. How has that changed your professional life? Social media allows me to do things and reach people that are not possible in the traditional world of media. For example, the ability to interact directly with those who choose to read my blog and, in particular, to watch how conversations are facilitated between both sides of the buy-sell community opens up entirely new ways of communicating and discovering information that would otherwise be hidden.

2. How has social media emerged in businesses since you became involved? Slowly! In the professional services world I occupy, there is a LOT of inertia and enormous resistance to the kinds of challenge that social media presents. However, I’m seeing more professionals prepared to put their heads above the parapet and get beyond that ‘first blog post.’ My sense is that once the proverbial dam breaks, there will be a deluge o…

Does homegrown tech taste better? - IT Director - Breaking Business and Technology News at

Does homegrown tech taste better? - IT Director - Breaking Business and Technology News at "Tech companies will have to work harder for their customers' cash as companies spend a greater proportion of their budgets on in-house IT projects.

A report from market analysis group Datamonitor suggests although tech budgets are on the rise, companies believe they get better value and faster results by investing in-house."

Helge: DIY IT projects

IPhone-Free Cellphone News - New York Times

IPhone-Free Cellphone News - New York Times: "Man, oh man. How’d you like to have been a PR person making a cellphone announcement last week, just as the iPhone storm struck? You’d have had all the impact of a gnat in a hurricane.

When used with a T-Mobile phone, the routers made by Linksys, top, and D-Link enhance the HotSpot @Home service.

But hard to believe though it may be, T-Mobile did make an announcement last week. And even harder to believe, its new product may be as game-changing as Apple’s.

It’s called T-Mobile HotSpot @Home, and it’s absolutely ingenious. It could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, and yet enrich T-Mobile at the same time. In the cellphone world, win-win plays like that are extremely rare.

Here’s the basic idea. If you’re willing to pay $10 a month on top of a regular T-Mobile voice plan, you get a special cellphone. When you’re out and about, it works like any other phone; calls eat up your monthly minutes as usual."

Helge: Wi-Fi and E… - Main Street Meets Madison Avenue - Main Street Meets Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Silicon Valley » Jimmy Wales vs. Jason Calacanis: "Sometimes, the nicest things you can say about someone come across as awfully critical. I say that because this post actually is intended to give a lot of credit to both Jason Calacanis and Jimmy Wales, but a cynic would argue it strives to do the opposite.

This morning it occured to me that Jimmy Wales might have blown his opportunity for redemption, before he even had a chance. I’m hoping I’ll be proven wrong, but we’ll say.

The Background? Last year, between Christmas and New Year’s, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said that he was looking to rely on humans and open source technology to build a Google-killing search engine. That raised a lot of eyebrows, but it got a lot of people excited. Over the next few months, people rushed to join his army of developers in the attempt to develop an open-source search engine built by legions of programmers. That’s right, …


vmWork: " Virtual and Mobile Work Research Unit - vmWork | The nature of organizations and the role and tasks of employees are changing.

The main drivers of the change are new information and communication technologies, especially mobile tools and applications, and the ongoing globalization of markets and businesses leading to higher mobility requirements and widely distributed cooperation.

The change does not happen easily and without challenges and barriers. There is a danger that not enough attention is paid to human and social factors as enablers and barriers of the change.

Our mission is to understand the change from the perspectives of work systems, their contexts, subjects, tools and outcomes.

We study dispersed and mobile work systems in their contexts by analyzing and modeling them. Our practical aims are to create such management, leadership and design practices that the work systems can be developed in a sustainable manner."

ECOLEAD European Collaborative Networked Organisations Leadership Initiative

ECOLEAD :: European Collaborative Networked Organisations Leadership Initiative: "European Commission Sixth framework programme Project.

ECOLEAD vision: “In ten years, in response to fast changing market conditions, most enterprises and specially the SMEs will be part of some sustainable collaborative networks that will act as breeding environments for the formation of dynamic virtual organizations.”

Collaborative networks of organizations provide a basis for competitiveness, world-excellence, and agility in turbulent market conditions. They can support SMEs to identify and exploit new business potential, boost innovation, and increase their knowledge. Networking of SMEs with large-scale enterprises also contributes to the success of the big companies in the global market. Reinforcing the effectiveness of collaborative networks, mostly based on SMEs, and creating the necessary conditions for making them endogenous reality in the European industrial landscape, are key survival facto…

The Jason Calacanis Weblog

The Jason Calacanis Weblog: "Thanks to team Mahalo I have five iPhones to give away. Yes, I'm going to give these away in a contest. I'm not sure exactly how to give them away. I was thinking about:

1. a photoshop contest
2. an easter egg contest where we hide something on a Mahalo page
3. give one to each Part-time Guide in the Mahalo Greenhouse as they hit 100 completed search result pages (aka SeRPs).
4. give them to whoever creates the best proposed Mahalo search result page (i.e. folks post to their blog their best search result for a creative topic they pick--our staff pick the best ones).

How do you think we should them away?!?! Looking for feedback."

Helge: I couldn't use an iPhone over here.

The New Phone

Apple iPhone Mobile Phone Blog

Apple iPhone Mobile Phone Blog: "First iPhone Development Tool Released by Australian Company - Morfik in News on June 27th, 2007 with No Comments »

Read/Write Web is reporting that a small Australian company called Morfik have released the very first iPhone application development tool. Built with their WebOS AppsBuilder platform the tool, called Scriptor, will be available on Friday from the Morfik site. This should begin what promises to be a tidal wave of third party apps for the Apple iPhone. Bring them on I say!"