Answering Shel Israel’s SAP/social media questionnaire « AccMan

Answering Shel Israel’s SAP/social media questionnaire « AccMan: "1. You are one of the EU pioneers of social media. How has that changed your professional life? Social media allows me to do things and reach people that are not possible in the traditional world of media. For example, the ability to interact directly with those who choose to read my blog and, in particular, to watch how conversations are facilitated between both sides of the buy-sell community opens up entirely new ways of communicating and discovering information that would otherwise be hidden.

2. How has social media emerged in businesses since you became involved? Slowly! In the professional services world I occupy, there is a LOT of inertia and enormous resistance to the kinds of challenge that social media presents. However, I’m seeing more professionals prepared to put their heads above the parapet and get beyond that ‘first blog post.’ My sense is that once the proverbial dam breaks, there will be a deluge of collaborative material from which everyone will benefit."

Helge: The ability to interact with other people around the globe...
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