coComment - Getting started

coComment - Getting started: "Getting started, coComment makes your online conversation a lot more fun, with a simple but useful set of services like conversation tracking and sharing, RSS feeds and alerts for conversations, and a variety of community oriented services.

Follow the guided tour: Discover what coComment can do for you in a few minutes. Let us show you the benefits of joining the coComment community!"

What is this good for?

  • coComment keeps a copy of all comments you make on the web (on blog sites, flickr, digg, full list of compatible platforms is here). If privacy is a concern, you can of course hide your comments from other users if you want.
  • coComment displays all the conversations you're tracking in one convenient place - it works just like an email inbox. See it in action here!
  • once you're tracking those conversations, coComment will show you whenever someone's added a comment, so you can effectively follow the whole conversation.
  • if you're a blogger, coComment allows you to display the comments you make on other sites back on your own blog. With one simple line of script, you can show your readers your comments and conversations. See it in action here!
  • browse the coComment community to see who are the most authoritative or active commenters, what are the hot topics of the moment, and who is commenting on the same articles you're commenting on. View the community page here!

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