Drew McLellan: The Marketing Minute

Drew McLellan: The Marketing Minute: "Over lunch, we were talking about how there is no substitute for face time. And when old friends finally meet for the first time it's remarkable how quickly you ease into a natural and easy rhythm of conversation. Both of us agree - every blogger we've met has been just what we expected. You can't fake it when you hang it all out there every day. That quickly led to 'wouldn't it be great if we could all just get together for a weekend?' And uh oh...you can feel it. Suddenly I found my hand waving in the air and heard myself saying, 'let's do it.' So we are. Calling all bloggers across the world. You are hereby invited to the Blogger Social '08. (We want to give everyone time to save their pennies!)"

Helge: Face time is important, but I think we can do a lot online as well to save travel time. I've been struggling with the balance of facetime and online for years. Occasionally face time is the only way to cover complex issues that require intense face to face interaction. But sometimes the more minimalistic chat or skype conference gives a better result. All un-necessary details don't blur the work list.
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