ECOLEAD European Collaborative Networked Organisations Leadership Initiative

ECOLEAD :: European Collaborative Networked Organisations Leadership Initiative: "European Commission Sixth framework programme Project.

ECOLEAD vision: “In ten years, in response to fast changing market conditions, most enterprises and specially the SMEs will be part of some sustainable collaborative networks that will act as breeding environments for the formation of dynamic virtual organizations.”

Collaborative networks of organizations provide a basis for competitiveness, world-excellence, and agility in turbulent market conditions. They can support SMEs to identify and exploit new business potential, boost innovation, and increase their knowledge. Networking of SMEs with large-scale enterprises also contributes to the success of the big companies in the global market. Reinforcing the effectiveness of collaborative networks, mostly based on SMEs, and creating the necessary conditions for making them endogenous reality in the European industrial landscape, are key survival factors.

Helge: Yes, that's true. I will be looking at the forum discussions.
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