Elektrobit and RFID

According to information on EB website, "Elektrobit Corporation (EB) has June 29, 2007 purchased 100 per cent of the shares in 7iD Technologies GmbH (the Transaction). 7iD, a company specialising in RFID technology, provides services and products for system integrators and RFID companies and delivers technology and turn-key solutions for supply chain and asset management in pharmaceutical, paper, aviation and automotive industries. 7iD is an active member of EPCglobal Inc., the international organisation developing standards for Electronic Product Code (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). 7iD is headquartered in Graz (Austria) and employs 21 people in total."


Olli, would you like to take a look at this: "As the RFID applications become more challenging with large number of readers in a dense deployment environment, it is no longer practical to manage the readers on an individual basis. EB is now able to deliver scalable RFID networks with full EPCglobal compliance. Consequently EB provides its customers with Identification Network Architecture with distributed intelligence in both RFID readers and RFID Controllers and the Facility Sounding(TM) technology. These customers gain the abilities to reduce the traffic in the technology. These customers gain the abilities to reduce the traffic in the backbone network and to tune the RFID networks against internal or external interference."

  1. EPC Global
  2. RFID Networks
  3. Identification Network Architecture
  4. Distributed Intelligence in in both RFID readers and RFID controllers
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