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The Latest from TechCrunch: "I was very pleased to see Google publicly wade into the upcoming FCC auctions for the 700MHz spectrum that will occur early next year. Should all go well, the new spectrum could be used to create a new open-access wireless broadband “pipe” into people’s homes and devices. If things go less well, the existing wireless giants would buy the spectrum and impose similar usage restrictions that exist on cellular networks in the U.S. today, putting us further behind Europe and Asia."

Helge: I've been looking into this. It's interesting. Need to dig deeper into Google's attempt.

In a separate posting to the Google blog Chris Sacca (right) lays down “four freedoms” for the spectrum, which I’ve edited:

  1. Open applications: The same freedoms found on the Internet to download software, content, or services;
  2. Open devices: Devices must access any network consumers want.
  3. Open services: Fairness in wholesaling use of the spectrum to third parties.
  4. Open networks: Internet-type rules for connecting networks together.

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