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HipMojo.com - Main Street Meets Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Silicon Valley » Jimmy Wales vs. Jason Calacanis: "Sometimes, the nicest things you can say about someone come across as awfully critical. I say that because this post actually is intended to give a lot of credit to both Jason Calacanis and Jimmy Wales, but a cynic would argue it strives to do the opposite.

This morning it occured to me that Jimmy Wales might have blown his opportunity for redemption, before he even had a chance. I’m hoping I’ll be proven wrong, but we’ll say.

The Background? Last year, between Christmas and New Year’s, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said that he was looking to rely on humans and open source technology to build a Google-killing search engine. That raised a lot of eyebrows, but it got a lot of people excited. Over the next few months, people rushed to join his army of developers in the attempt to develop an open-source search engine built by legions of programmers. That’s right, people signed up to a mailing list and got cracking. I always wondered: how many Google employees signed up to that list, too?"

Helge: I try to learn more about the co-creation and open innovation in US. We don't talk as much. We twitter less. Our game plan is more quiet. We interact less. That's not a good sign. We need to learn the virtual small talk.
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