ITSinsider: "Today I participated in a wonderful introductory webinar for some of our CIO and IT director customers. My role was to talk broadly about what is happening in the blogosphere. Part of my task was to identify the do’s and don’ts of blogging. I put together a list of about a dozen, borrowing from other blogger’s suggestions, and adding a few of my own. I re-ordered them at the last minute and gave “passion” here a higher ranking. Passion is sticky in the blogosphere, so it has a lot of benefits to readers and bloggers alike."

Helge: Blogging is becoming mainstream. Europe is lacking behind. Blogging in Finland is increasing. The business bloggers is still a tiny crowd. Passion and endurance is needed. US bloggers write a lot about gadgets and platforms. I guess our topics are more national and we cover industry, business and politics.
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