Open and Generic Innovation System

First, we didn’t think about it as a business device, system or concept. We started with dispersed communication channels. But the integration ended up working better than we had hoped it would.

  1. search
  2. biz-finder
  3. e-commerce,
  4. professional sales,
  5. customer management,
  6. transaction-based processing,
  7. and database marketing services.

We found when working with numerous small companies that it was useful in accessing new partners and customers. It provided great help in boosting sales and distribution of financial data.

  1. Investement opportunities
  2. Financing
  3. Field sales
  4. Deal making

The generic patterns were not easy to find. The first step was to split up channels and use them to access different businesses, markets and user groups.

Now we are planning new innovative programs and application areas, and welcome those who are interested to come join us and suggest topics, writers, bloggers, content producers, webcasters and podcast speakers you would like to see at future online meetings and special events.

The concept works with small and medium-sized businesses with 50 to 500 employees, but can be applied to the needs of micro companies as well, and it seems that it's easier to scale it up and work with larger organizations. The method can be applied to any kind of global operations.

Open Global Innovation Program Schedule:

  • Informal networking
  • Opening remarks and invitations
  • Community presentation and participants roles
  • Feature Presentation, participation, conversation

After a while, it appeared that we were able to integrate them to operate under on roof. At the same time, it was important to maintain a high level of security in an open innovation system.

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