Ramblings of a Mad Man

Ramblings of a Mad Man: "Being a Canadian male, I am now happy to say that I am a slave to web 2.0 technology and all her trimmings, in a positive way. Yes, I am one of the sixty-four percent of Canadians, as outlined in a recent Angus Reid poll, which reads my email daily; in fact, my email is automatically checked every 15 minutes. Yes, Google makes my world go around as do Twitter, Facebook, Skype and the many other social programs I have graciously being introduced to by my technological gurus on the popular PacificIT Skype chat, with whom I am honoured to be affiliated."

Helge: The Web 2.0 didn't seem to mean much in the beginning. Blogging was easier than html, but the same things were possible with web 1.0. But learning by doing has taken me to a new point and level. Twitter and Jaiku are cool. The short form blogging brings the social media to the front door...to the little screen, your laptop, etc.
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