Web: Can A Social Network Save Business 2.0?

Web: Can A Social Network Save Business 2.0?: "Yesterday, I completely missed the news. The New York Times's Brad Stone wrote about, 'Ad Downtown Threatening the Survival of Business 2.0.' Forbes Brian Caulfield had even covered the impending demise of the publication, 'Bye-Bye, Business 2.0.'

And while I was sleeping on the development of this story, I even missed that a faithful reader, Colin Carmichael, had started a Facebook group called, 'I read Business2.0 - and I want to keep reading!' The magazine's Editor in Chief Josh Quittner, who has been trying to secure private investors to keep the magazine afloat has even joined the group, along with various Web 2.0 luminaries, like Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist; Matt Cohler, VP-strategy at Facebook, and others as reported by Advertising Age in 'Can Fans Save Business 2.0?'"
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