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We've been Twittering with Doug Meacham as a friend for some time. I guess Doug Meacham commented something about what I asked. There are interesting new titles in the US blogosphere and Web 2.0 Social Media market. Customer Experience is a new title for me. I've heard presentations about experience economy, yes, and yesterday someone spoke at AlwaysOn about the customer experience.

The Finnish business, tech and social media language doesn't renew as fast. We still think in terms of the customer being in the center, which is right, but it's really the experience that counts.

About Me « NextUp: "About Me. headshot2.jpgMy name is Doug Meacham. I am an Customer Experience and Business Strategy consultant with Experience Matters, LLC. I am a 23 year veteran of the retail consumer electronics industry. While at Circuit City, I served in several simultaneous roles including IT Management and Innovation & Strategy development, but my passion lies at the intersection of Customer Experience, Innovation and Design.

I have been an active leader in Circuit City’s recent innovation efforts and was part of an elite 16-person team responsible for developing a long-term strategic framework for the company. I recently worked on a cross-functional team tasked with building organizational competency around agility and adaptability. I also have experience in developing brand presence in virtual worlds such as Second Life. I began blogging in April ‘06.

I am currently looking for new opportunities to help companies engage with their customers to build better experiences."
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