Here is a Google watch-out report. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has said that they are definitely going to be a player in the mobile market space. They are also very active in other wireless evolutions. They are building a free Wi-Fi network near their offices. Wimax is on their watch-list. Google would like to become a wireless service provider in US. Many things are on their drawing board and on their to-do-list.

The Google Mobile operating systems rumors don’t die. According to Engadget, “Google will be announcing a currently unnamed mobile OS sometime after Labor Day 2007. "

During summer 2007, shortly after Apple’s successful launch of iPod the blogosphere started to twitter about the next best thing. The supposed Google Phone maker, the South-Korean LG didn’t confirm and Google remained silent as well. The summer time rumor promised a gPhone introduction at the beginning of next year.

Today the blogger How to split an atom writes, “While they are unlikely to be trying to enter the mobile phone market, they do seem ready to position themselves as a cellular software provider."

Speculators let us understand that the “gPhone OS” began development after Google’s quiet 2005 acquisition of mobile software company Android, started by Danger cofounder and former-president / CEO Andy Rubin.

At Google, Andy’s team has supposedly developed a Linux-based mobile device OS (no surprise, according to How to split an atom) which they’re currently shopping around to handset makers and carriers on the premise of providing a flexible, customizable system — with really great Google integration, of course.

This means, there are doors open to all the handset producers. Nokia uses Symbian, Apple has its own OS, there’s Linux Mobile, and Microsoft is offering its own mobile OS as well. There are several choices available. What a wonderful filed for those wanting to play with the mashups. Are we going to see handsets that switch from one OS to another?

Will Google release an OS? Will cell phone makers flock to be on the ground floor of Mountain View’s next new toy?

Some people anticipate the reaction of Steve Jobs when he hears about Google stomping on his territory. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is also an Apple board member.

What are we doing?

Helge V. Keitel digitalvillages gPhone rumors are back. Summer time speculations promised a new gadget made by South-Korean LG. Today, it's about gPhone OS a Linux based OS

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