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This is an interesting co-incidence. I co-write a book about Enterprise 2.0 In Finland. My theme is Virtual Organizations 1970 - 2010. Russia is a specialized national market with own language, culture and heritage.

Finland is open for new things, but the Finnish market for social media and web 2.0 platforms is so small that every single successful enterprise should be looking for global presence. The social media in Europe is also fragmented due to language barriers and differences. The national state mindset is still a big barrier for the evolution of net-based social media in Europe.

The critique of Social Media destroying the old structure isn't valid in Europe yet. Web 2.0 has become so strong in US that counter web 2.0 culture discourses are necessary. Wrote about this in some of my other blogs.

Hugo E. Martin on Social Media: "Aug 2, 2007 Social Networks in Russia.

I working hard to get an overview about Social Networks in Russia ... it is no easy for me and the market is quite crowded. Yandex and Rambler just bought into this field, so for internationial players it will be difficult to get a foothold in Russia on the subject (remember Google ongoing struggle to get a a leading position in Russian language search)." Writes Hugo E. Martin on Social Media.

Hugo E. Martin

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