Talking tech on Family 2.0 (a niche of Web 2.0)

Family 2.0 is a new concept for me. I'm digesting the information and trying to figure out what it could mean. Microblogging is an interesting media. It provides rapid insights into areas one wouldn't think without being online.

Helge: Rachel Cook is a friend at Twitter. We have exchanged some comments. I promised to take a look into what Family 2.0 means and I try to figure out if there is a niche in Europe.

Talking tech on Family 2.0 (a niche of Web 2.0): "So what is interesting about Tangler? This is a great new Aussie start up that I am proud to say have angel invested in. What intrigues me about this social network is the potential to change the way we engage in conversation on the web. The “Blogosphere” for example is a bunch of blogs that live on the web, free access to any thought or self-expression we want to expose ourselves to. Plus, you can comment as well.

Helge: Rachel, You are an angel investor too. Good to know. I need to learn more about your business and what kind of opportunities you are looking for. I can keep you up-todate about what happens in the Nordic Countries and Europe.

Well, imagine this, if you could comment live with others on the blog, and that conversation was also collected as a topic on the’s discussion network, you can see how powerful that extra extension out from the blog creates value for the ‘writer of the blog’. Why? Well, they know that their post was of interest to talk live about, as well as having the opportunity to attract more potential readers to congregate together in this discussion inside Tangler for others to swarm to if they so wish and then back onto the blog to check the author out, or subscribed to their feed…(thats powerful viral implications number one).

Helge: Need to take a look into the product. Tangler, tangler, I repeat the name to get it into my mind.

Then I got excited when the Tangler boys, mentioned that they could extend this conversations and garner rapid reach by ‘embedding’ the conversation on other topically related/non-related blogs across the entire “blogosphere” (also applying to social networks, and I am sure webpages as well). This second viral discussion distribution will create a “chatosphere” effect, and all of a sudden we have a new ecosystem, with bloggers, social networks and webpages, desperate for that live longtail reach. It’s twitter on steriods, manic viral discussion, creating and solidifying the chat-web a platform for live interaction, at the same time regardless of the social software.

Helge: Catastrophe effect. What should I know about it? Desperate bloggers, house wifes, etc.

More simply, it’s like those days of simultaneous live broadcasts of a show via radio and listeners can call in to talk about the topics. Everyone is digesting, everyone is involved in the “conversation” live as at the same time as the event.

Helge: Rachel, you are doing a very good presentation. I'm grasping it already without seeing it.

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  • Posted in Family 2.0 (full list) by family2point0 on the April 11th, 2006
  • Hi I’m Rachel Cook. Web Entrepreneur and social advocate.
  • If you know of a ‘Family 2.0′ site or you are about to launch?, feel free to let me know…

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