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Helge: I've been following the Valley Talk and it seems that the drama is a part of keeping up the attention. Twitter is a very good news source. I found this blog posting and do fully agree with "A Curious Spectator’s Unsolicited Observations and Commentary on Tech News, Web/Tech, Tech Blogging and Tech Politics."

The Technology Free Press » Blog Archive » Scoble Doesn’t Deserve the Scorn He’s Getting: "I am not a geek and I don’t live in Silicon Valley, California, USA. I live in Chicago. Yet, I have enough of an interest in what goes on in “The Valley” and in the geeks who live, play and attack each other there, sometimes relentlessly, to closely follow the pontifications of The Valley’s tech bloggers.

They don’t miss a thing in the aggregate. I read the so-called A-listers and those barely listed. They are a fascinating, ego-driven bunch who don’t hesitate to step up and challenge anyone who dares to depart from a certain orthodoxy or who haven’t thought out their ideas before blogging them.

Robert Scoble, proprietor of the influential blog Scobleizer, is probably the best of known of the California tech bloggers. I sense that some regard him as an interloper and a wannabe geek. Is it because he doesn’t have a college degree? Hell, Bill Gates didn’t have one either when he started and Paul Allen started Microsoft.

Larry Ellison at Oracle didn’t have one either when he started his company. I could name others in many fields who were successful despite never having finished college. So, regardless of what some tech bloggers may think of Scoble and some of his ideas, they can’t ignore him."

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