Nokia's top dog, just not in the U.S.

Third Screen: Nokia's top dog, just not in the U.S. - Aug. 10, 2007: "(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Life as the world's largest maker of cell phones isn't half bad for Nokia. The Finnish giant sold more than 100 million handhelds worldwide last year, leading to near-record profits. Company shares are trading at their highest level in four years. In India alone, one of the world's fastest-growing mobile markets where an estimated six million people buy their first cell phone every month, Nokia commands a 55 percent market share. In Europe, it's 45 percent."

Helge: Nokia would like to increase its share of the US market. The goal has been set by the new CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

Wireless carriers haven't been all that eager to stock store shelves with the high-priced phones that Nokia specializes in (and that sell like hot cakes overseas). That's because American consumers haven't been all that willing yet to pay top dollar for phones when, thanks to heavy carrier subsidies, they can basically get them for free. But Nokia may not be a minority player for much longer.

Helge: Apple might be doing the next best thing for Nokia. US citizens learn to buy pricy smart phones and Nokia will not suffer.
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