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Blonde 2.0 is clever

Blond 2.0 is a clever woman. She writes a great blog. Blonde 2.0: "No longer are companies controlling the message to their audience but the audience has taken control over the conversation.

Helge: That's a very important statement.

Each social media platform has its own unique audience with its own opinions and ideas and the marketer must find his place within this network.

People are not looking for catchy slogans or traditional advertising technics - they are looking for sincere interaction with the community.

Helge: Traditional advertising is dead!

Many traditional marketers have a hard time understanding this new form of conversational marketing and this situation provides a great opportunity for those marketers who are social media experts to step in and lead the way.

Helge: Social media experts are coming from a different school...

However although there are quite a few people who call themselves social media experts, only a small number really understand the art of conver…

Food Industry and Efficiency

When food manufacturers measure downtime in fractions of a second, and tally the cost in thousands of dollars per minute, efficiency is important. The easier it is to clean and sanitize equipment, the faster it is done. Download this brochure for higher throughput and increased uptime on your processing line.

The Otherland Group

The Otherland Group: "About The Otherland Group The Otherland Group is a new company, based in Berlin, focusing on professional services in the realm of virtual words. We provide consulting, development and online services for b2c and b2b oriented projects in virtual worlds. It is our firm belief, that these 3D virtual worlds are a very important part of next evolutionary step of the world wide web.

The Otherland Group will pave the way to the future 3D web by providing services for companies and other organizations wishing to enter virtual worlds and by showing them the real value behind these new communication channels.

Our activities are grouped into three divisions Otherland Consulting, Otherland Development, Otherland Services (which includes our existing real estate business and the Inworld Advertising Network, IAN) It is time to leave the hype behind and start making sense of business in virtual worlds!"

Helge: Connected to the group through Twitter

Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India Fri, 28 Sep 2007 00:46:09 -0500. I've been thinking about how to improve my Internet statistics. Who are those people around the globe reading my blogs and web-sites?

MapLoco provides basic statistics. Need to look for what the pay-version delivers. We need better statistics for our CTS blogs.

Who could tell me more about this? Have to twitter and jaiku about the applications.

BerlinCalling sucht Kreative für Mobile-Content-Plattform

BerlinCalling sucht Kreative für Mobile-Content-Plattform: "BerlinCalling sucht Kreative für Mobile-Content-Plattform (Link zum Artikel: ) Die Branche für mobiles Entertainment boomt.

Immer mehr Unternehmen wollen mit mobilen Marketingkampagnen ihre Marken auffrischen und mit überraschenden Ideen Zielgruppen auch über das Handy adressieren. Das Künstlernetzwerk BerlinCalling will die notwendige Basis in Form einer umfassenden Datenbank mit hochwertigen, unterhaltenden sowie formatgerechten Inhalten verschiedenster Kategorien speziell für die mobile Nutzung liefern.

An den Start geht das Netzwerk am 9. Oktober 2007. Die Inhalte sollen von Kreativen aus der ganzen Welt kommen. Zur Ansprache und Akquise bietet BerlinCalling ein Social Network, in dem sich Künstler profilieren und miteinander in Kontakt treten und ihre Video-, Sound- oder Animations-Kreationen präsentieren können.

Die Künstler sollen direkt an den Erlösen von BerlinCalling partizipieren können. Dazu agiert das Porta…

Social Networks

- My Space has critical mass
- Facebook
- Flickr
- YouTube

Blogging photos and videos.

This is big money. The more attention you give them, the more their value goes up.

- Twitter
- Jaiku

All You Need to Know about Creativity, in 48 Pages - O'Reilly Digital Media Blog

All You Need to Know about Creativity, in 48 Pages - O'Reilly Digital Media Blog: "When I worked in Silicon Valley, I realized after a short while that a big part of my job as a manager amounted to finding ways to help people be creative.

After all, if you have a collection of very smart employees, it’s wasteful to just tell them what to do - they probably know more than you do about the challenge at hand. So I started collecting my own thoughts on the subject, and also looked into a lot of the academic literature (in recent decades a sizable field of creativity studies has grown up).

I guess I shouldn’t have been, but I was struck by the similarity of my personal experience and the research. It appears that many if not most creative people work in roughly the same way. But only recently did I come across a slim, decidedly non-academic volume that, it turns out, pretty much said it all back in the 1940’s: “A Technique for Producing Ideas”, by James Webb Young.

Young was an adv…

The 25 Most Influential People on the Web - BusinessWeek

The 25 Most Influential People on the Web - BusinessWeek: "Twitter popularized the idea of microblogging: using cell phones, instant messages, and e-mail to post streams of tiny blog posts, often random thoughts or mundane updates on what's for lunch or doing laundry. Silly as it sounds, Twitter has made Web publishing accessible to the millions with neither the time or desire to write full-blown blogs, but still want to share their lives, right down to the last trivial detail."

The IBM of Biotechnology

We're building a new organization that has been coined the IBM of Biotechnology. We should be looking for a new name to suite the global mission. The initial organization will consist of 20 people:
Microbiology Research, CTO (EH) with 30 years of experiencePM specialist (JM) with 30 years of experienceWater (AH) 20 yearsWater (XH) 20 yearsWireless information transfer (HP) 30 yearsLogistics and global projects (OK) 5 yearsAnalytics optical (NN) 10 yearsMedical (MM) 20 yearsFood and medical (IK) 30 yearsLab 10 years
Lab 10 years
Global Operations Leadership, CEO (HK) 35 yearsFinancing, CFO (XL) 20 years
Information coordinator 10 years
Documentation multimedia 10 years
Assistant 10 years

TOTAL 300 years of experienceWe calculate the combined value of that experience is 30 M€. The organization is going to improve processes and the architectures of processes. Areas of interest are:
Forest industryClean waterWater treatment plantsFood industryBiotechnology industriesEnergy intensive and adde…

Pet Shop Boys: Mobile Barcodes used in Latest video at iGadget Life

Pet Shop Boys: Mobile Barcodes used in Latest video at iGadget Life: "British pop act Pet Shop Boys are using the latest mobile barcode technology in the video for their latest song Integral. The QR Codes feature heavily throughout the pixelated black and white video which appear for a few seconds at a time."

Next Generation Clean City

Gmail - Google's Secret gPhone; Halo 3 Release Date Blown

Gmail - Google's Secret gPhone; Halo 3 Release Date Blown: "Google's Secret Patent Portfolio Predicts gPhone An analysis of Google's worldwide patent portfolio shows the search giant's filings include not only mobile-phone tech, but also video games and TV."

Mobile Phone TechVideo GamesTelevision

» Is IBM making enterprise mashups respectable? | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

» Is IBM making enterprise mashups respectable? | Enterprise Web 2.0 | "Read IBM’s analysis of claims of 10-to-1 productivity improvements for Ruby on Rails over Java for developing Web-based software On the other hand, mashups use almost remkarably simple, basic techniques for connecting things together.

This includes guerilla-style development techniques that deliver results in preference to formal, upfront engineering. This might mean using Javascript includes of another site’s software, straightforward Web services and feeds based directly on top of HTTP, and JSON for data retrieval and remixing. And with initiatives like OpenAjax, we might get first real conventions for component interoperability in the browser.

Like so many aspects of Web 2.0, the term 'mashup' is poorly defined and a generally accepted definition probably does not exist today. The term itself, as applied to the informal fusion of Web services and browser-side Javascript, is so new th…

Moving Downtown: AOL Seeks New Image - New York Times

Moving Downtown: AOL Seeks New Image - New York Times: "AOL will shift its headquarters from its large technology campus in Dulles, Va., to downtown New York City next spring, as the struggling online company tries to retool itself as an advertising specialist and compete with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The change, announced yesterday, speaks to how much the digital world has evolved since America Online emerged in the 1990s as a dominant Internet provider, selling dial-up connections to millions of US households and introducing many people to e-mail."

Evolution of new service

The trend today is away from just being a technology provider and towards being a service and solutions provider. This affects how we co-operate and innovate with our customers and partners. We need a deeper understanding of the services of our customers.

We provide added value to the services of our customers by combining technology and new point of care working models. We want to assist customers and patients in seeing the future by joint road-mapping and networking with our partners globally.

For more information, please call +358 50 309 2021 or leave a comment on this blog.

Global Trading House

Hello JW, I promised to write about the new business model. We'are taking more and more of our activities to the Internet. Globalization of SME's requires new ways to interact with customers and partners on a global scale.

Open Global Innovation and Co-creation requires a new mindset. We need to think how to reach out and establish a dialogue with people, customers, clients, partners and services users on the other side of the globe.

Internet also provides the possibility cover very local issues with great efficiency. About Me (edit): I co-write a book about Enterprise 2.0. My theme is Virtual Organizations 1970 - 2010.Open Global InnovationCo-CreationSocial MediaFinnovationEntrepreneurshipVenture Capital
It has bee a long learning period. A networked economy, business model and/or a virtual organization don't become reality with a snap of the fingers. It takes time to find the right tools, build a presence, and to learn many-to-many communication models.

We've as indivi…

Paul Bouting blogging about TechCrunch40

Paul Boutin : "The TechCrunch40 What I like about Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis' TechCrunch40 conference that starts Monday in San Francisco: Unlike many confs, they didn't charge the 40 presenting companies for the privilege of being included.

Some shoestring startups with good products - or at least good product ideas - are in the mix. TechCrunch 40 List 2007 is to found through the link."

Helge: I've been following the TechCrunch from a distance, meaning Loviisa, Finland, and like the idea on an alternative to Demo. Ok, the event starts today. Need to take a look at it.

Biotech India

Biotech India: "Badal calls for biotechnology road map to rejevunate biotechnology in Punjab As you might know that close to 50% of all biotechnology firms in India are based in Karnataka, this is making the leaders of other states to rethink their strategy to boost the biotech industry in their states.

It is very crucial for other states to reinvent strategies to attract biotech companies to their states and establish a good base for this fast growing sector. One such effort was done by the Punjab chief minister.

In a recent statement at the PSCST Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Wednesday asked the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST) to prepare a road map for the promotion of biotechnology and nanotechnology in the state."

Articles about CTS

Articles: I found this blog and there is more information on the site...

"1) Carpal Tunnel is actually a rare condition affecting only the wrist area. If you have pain in any area other than your wrist, such as your neck, lower back, arms, etc. you probably have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). RSI causes symptoms characteristic of Carpal Tunnel, but it involves your entire upper body.
2) Carpal Tunnel surgery is not an effective treatment for RSI. Because the muscles you use when working on the computer are very small, extensive computer use can cause these muscles to become inflamed. This can aggravate surrounding nerves, cause pain in restricted areas (such as the carpal tunnel), eventually scarring the tissue. This damage is cumulative.

3) You can improve your condition drastically by changing your habits. How many people do you know who stretch and warm up the muscles controlling their fingers before working them? A professional athlete would never consider…

Biotech India

Biotech India: "Friday, September 14, 2007 TERI to set up 15 biotech labs in northeast India Environmental watchdog and research organisation The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) will set up 15 laboratories in northeastern India to help students with environmental and biotechnological experiments.

The 15 laboratories would be set up in the states of Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura with facilities to provide computer education, taxonomic studies, microbiological and biotechnological experiments among schoolchildren.

This initiative is an outcome of TERI's agreement with the Ministry of Science and Technology's Department of Biotechnology (DBT). 'Unless the schoolchildren are made aware of the resources and the present trend of conservation and management, it would not be possible for future sustainable development,' TERI director general R.K. Pachauri said Wednesday.

The institute would also to set up natural resources awareness clubs in schools, nicknamed DNA C…

Welcome to Our Blog about CTS

Helge: I did find this blog through a search in the MyBlogLogs. I'll be writing about medical devices and methods for work site CTS diagnostic. I search the web for people who are active bloggers about CTS.

June 15th, 2007 by Shari Smith | Gino and Jo’s Innovations

Welcome to Our Blog!: "Welcome to our new blog! We are excited to have this up and going and start building what we hope will be a premier place to learn about repetitive strain injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other injuries caused by long hours sitting in one place.

First, here’s a brief look at our company’s history and how we came to be. Gino and Jo’s Innovations is a family owned business run by husband and wife.

When my husband and I were married, I went to work for a fortune 500 company in the manufacturing and distribution industry.

I stayed in this position, despite the ten to eleven hour work day (most of which was spent in front a computer) so that my husband and I could afford our house.

In addition to…

The Healthcare IT Guy

The Healthcare IT Guy: "I’ve personally thought for months that Google was working on a medical search portal and mini PHR and some of those thoughts were confirmed when Fred Trotter sent me this link. Fred noted that Google became more specific regarding its healthcare plans and, in what should be surprise to no one, it sounds like they are planning a PHR."

Helge: I blogged this to find people active in the health care and medical electronics space. We're building a virtual organization for the distribution and sales of new diagnostic tools and methods for CTS.

I am CEO of Netspective, a Java/.NET enterprise architect, a Microsoft Architect MVP, and SOA consultant/speaker that specializes in healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration, and legacy modernization. I also served as HIMSS Enterprise IT Committee Member.Over the last 15 years the health IT positions I've held include Virtual CTO for CardinalHealth's CTS unit, CTO of a Electronic M…

IST Africa 2008

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTIST Africa 2008 14 May 2008 - 16 May 2008 Windhoek, NamibiaIST-Africa 2008 is the third in an Annual Conference Series which brings together delegates from leading commercial, government & research organisations across Africa and from Europe, to bridge the Digital Divide by sharing knowledge, experience, lessons learnt and good practice.
It will focus on Applied ICT research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges. The programme will combine strategic keynote presentations, technical and policy papers, case studies, workshops, an exhibition and social activities.
It will also showcase results from projects currently funded at national and regional level in Africa and Europe as well as those funded under the ICT Programme of the European Commission. Online submission deadline for full paper or workshop proposal: 09 November 2007 Acceptance decision: 18 January 2008 Final Paper Submission: 20 February 2008

Medical Futures

Medical Futures: "Welcome to Medical Futures, an organization that makes medical ideas happen. The showcase of the 2007 Medical Futures Innovation Awards recently took place at a prestigious venue in central London.

Hosted by Joanna Lumley and Rory Bremner it was a fantastic event attended by over 750 distinguished guests, truly a Who's Who of health care.

The next Medical Futures event will take place at the Medical Innovation Forum on the 23rd October 2007.

Many of the Award winners will be on demonstration and will host round table discussions which you could join.

As with all Medical Futures events, connections are made and relationships formed. Please click here to find out more."

Helge: I'll take you to a journey into the fields of medical electronics. New exciting things are happening in this area.

The virtual organization model can be applied to rapid expansion of diagnostic devices and methods.

They journey is going to take you to various locations where CTS is …

Financial Times Tech Blog

Financial Times Tech Blog: "The latest rumour bouncing around Silicon Valley is that Facebook may be looking to raise another round of venture capital.

It's an interesting idea, not least because any new funding round would force Facebook's investors to put a valuation on the company. Peter Thiel, the site's second-biggest investor, told us last month that Facebook and its founders think the site is worth $8bn to $10bn. It is unlikely that VCs would be tempted by such a high valuation - far more likely that Mr Thiel was throwing the number out as a signal to potential acquirers.

Still, even at a much lower valuation, the buzz around Facebook is such that it could probably raise a hundred million dollars or more for a relatively small dilution in ownership. Peter Thiel, Jim Breyer, and a handful of other high-profile Valley luminaries have pumped more than $40m into the social networking site over the past two years, but with Mark Zuckerberg appearing increasingly int…

A new field sales model

We've been looking into new ways for doing big deals over the Internet using Social Media as a tool and mechanism for customer relationship building.

There will be a strong boos to social media during the upcoming US presidential campaign. Wrote about this in my new
Social media role in US election 2008 . There are estimates about the role of social media during the US presidential campaign 2008.

New media, blogging and social media are new in Finland. The number of active users is small.

The combination of Near Field and Long Distance Networking will do the trick.

Apple sells one millionth iPhone | Tech&Sci | Technology |

Apple sells one millionth iPhone | Tech&Sci | Technology | "NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Monday it has sold its one-millionth iPhone, just days after cutting the price of its smartphone by $200 and a few weeks ahead of the expected date to reach that target.

Apple shares rose almost 3 percent on Nasdaq after the news and shares of AT&T Inc, the only U.S. wireless service provider selling the phone, rose more than 1 percent on New York Stock Exchange.

The device, launched to much fanfare 74 days ago, combines a mobile phone, Internet browser and music and video player. Apple has said it will sell 10 million by the end of 2008. Apple, which said last week it was on track to sell 1 million iPhones by the end of September, saw its shares rise $3.81, or 2.89 percent, to $135.58 in morning trading.

Apple stock had fallen last week when the company said it was cutting the price of the phone as some investors took this as a sign of weaker-than-expected dema…

Jorma Ollila

Currently: The former CEO of Nokia Jorma Ollila thinks Finland continues as a top notch high-tech nation with nerds programming complex systems.

I agree, but there are some very important Jaiku comments. It's not big leaders of projects that are going to make it. We need very goo craftsmen an -women to do the programming.

B.L. Ochman's weblog: Internet marketing strategy, social media trends, news and commentary.

B.L. Ochman's weblog: Internet marketing strategy, social media trends, news and commentary.: "iPod Touch Should Be Amazing by Version 3.0 and I Can Wait (Really, I Can, I Think) new_iPod.pngThis conversation on Twitter today sums up the whole story of the new Apple iPod Touch, which really does revolutionize computing. And which I'm not buying until version 3.0.

Well, ok, maybe I only wait til 2.0.(I think I can, I think I can....) Steve Rubel (early and enthusiastic adopter of all new technology, who waited in line for his iPhone on the first day of sale): 'It's horrifically rude that Apple cut the price of the iPhone by $200 just 9 weeks after it launched.' Ike Pigott responds: 'the price was the same, you just paid the Early Adopter Tax. You win a t-shirt that says 'I let Apple EAT me.'

Rex Hammock, who endured AT&T iPhone connection hell: 'I guess investors think that Apple announcement was rude, also. AAPL down $7.50. Di…

What comes after the information age

What comes after the information age: "But the Information Age was surprisingly short. In an age of Wikipedia, powerful search engines, and forums loaded with insights from volunteers, information is truly becoming free (economically), and thus worth even less than agriculture or manufacturing.

Helge: This is interesting. How to make money out of zero value?

So what has replaced information as the source of value? The answer is expertise. Because most activities offering a good return on investment require some rule-breaking--some challenge to assumptions, some paradigm shift--everyone looks for experts who can manipulate current practice nimbly and see beyond current practice. We are all seeking guides and mentors."

Helge: Experts, Guides and Mentors still can earn some bread and butter.

Blackfriars' Marketing: iPhone sales prove Steve Ballmer wrong and suggest unprecedented dominance

Blackfriars' Marketing: iPhone sales prove Steve Ballmer wrong and suggest unprecedented dominance: "iPhone sales prove Steve Ballmer wrong and suggest unprecedented dominance iSuppli notes today that the iPhone outsold all other smartphones in July, outpacing the entire Blackberry series, the entire Palm series, and any individual smartphone model from Samsung, Nokia, or Motorola.

Helge: iPhone is a serious challenge. What happens in Europe?

So much for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's claim that 'There's no chance the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.' If the iPhone has no chance of any significant market share, where does that leave Windows Mobile phones, given that a single model of iPhone just outsold them?

Helge: Windows Mobile, nobody talks about them.

Now iSuppli quote does not directly make the comparison between iPhone sales and all Windows Mobile sales (although one can draw that conclusion, based upon the fact that Windows M…

Fried Chicken is a big business


Kentucky Fried Chicken


The Supply Chain

The supply chain:
FarmTransportMeat processingPackagingRefrigeration
DeliveryTransportCold ChainRFIDTag for temperatureOther variablesTime based costingCriticality analyzisRegulationsWhat more?The consumerConsumer reactions

We should think about it

I guess we've about 400 000 made in Finland on an annual basis.
Take a close lookRoutineEU-regulationsWhat's importantGlobal problemTransport of live stockTime criticalNew ideasWhat is essentialWhere to start?Co-creationLicensing

The laboratory


We need to calculate

Hello, this is a part of the process. We will talk more about it tomorrow. I guess, we should have a calculation available at the end of the day.

ImportedTransportValue chainTime Based CostingProcessingValue addedIt's time criticalWe've a solutionThink global

Nokia Ovi Press Release

Nokia : Go Play | Press release: Meet Ovi, the door to Nokia’s Internet services. Music, games and maps among the first Ovi services.

Helge: The initial reaction to ovi has been mixed but positiv
London, UK – Nokia 29th introduced August 2007 Ovi, the company’s new Internet services brand name.
Helge: I blogged about OVI in Taloussanomat and the it's one of my most read blog ever in Omasana with a lot of commentary
With the introduction of Ovi, Nokia is expanding from a focus on mobile devices to offering a range of Internet services. Ovi, meaning ‘door’ in Finnish, enables consumers to easily access their existing social network, communities and content, as well as acting as a gateway to Nokia services.
Helge: The name isn't bad. It's short and does have a meaning for Finns.

As part of Ovi, Nokia announced the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage, two services that make it easy for people to discover, try and buy music and games from a blockbuster range of artists and publishers, inc…

Riskiest U.S. Housing Markets -

Riskiest U.S. Housing Markets - "Our ranking of the country's riskiest markets measures which of the 40 largest metros are most vulnerable to future shocks. We've done this by assessing which have the most strained lending conditions, and which markets are the most overvalued and likely to face downward price pressures.

Related Stories Most Resilient U.S. Real Estate Markets America's Most Overpriced Real Estate Markets Many of the cities on our list--like San Francisco and San Diego--are traditional high fliers where speculators can still make a lot of money if they pick the right neighborhood or hit the price trough.

Of course, they might also take a serious bath. Others, like Chicago or Phoenix, are generally stable markets that are currently under significant strains. Finally, some, like Cincinnati or Kansas City, are precariously teetering and are not well equipped to handle further downturn."