Blonde 2.0 is clever

Blond 2.0 is a clever woman. She writes a great blog. Blonde 2.0: "No longer are companies controlling the message to their audience but the audience has taken control over the conversation.

Helge: That's a very important statement.

Each social media platform has its own unique audience with its own opinions and ideas and the marketer must find his place within this network.

People are not looking for catchy slogans or traditional advertising technics - they are looking for sincere interaction with the community.

Helge: Traditional advertising is dead!

Many traditional marketers have a hard time understanding this new form of conversational marketing and this situation provides a great opportunity for those marketers who are social media experts to step in and lead the way.

Helge: Social media experts are coming from a different school...

However although there are quite a few people who call themselves social media experts, only a small number really understand the art of conversational marketing. This type of marketing is influenced mostly by sociology."

Helge: I agree!
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