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Hello JW, I promised to write about the new business model. We'are taking more and more of our activities to the Internet. Globalization of SME's requires new ways to interact with customers and partners on a global scale.

Open Global Innovation and Co-creation requires a new mindset. We need to think how to reach out and establish a dialogue with people, customers, clients, partners and services users on the other side of the globe.

Internet also provides the possibility cover very local issues with great efficiency. About Me (edit): I co-write a book about Enterprise 2.0. My theme is Virtual Organizations 1970 - 2010.
  • Open Global Innovation
  • Co-Creation
  • Social Media
  • Finnovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital

It has bee a long learning period. A networked economy, business model and/or a virtual organization don't become reality with a snap of the fingers. It takes time to find the right tools, build a presence, and to learn many-to-many communication models.

We've as individuals grown up with a face-to-face communication as the most efficient model of communication. Regardless of the net, we still need to meet for a chat or a meeting from time to time. But tons of things can be done on-line and with high efficiency.

Companies like Google, eBay, Yahoo, Microsoft, Nokia, and KK-Net wouldn't exist without the Internet. Big companies are using the information super-high-way to do billions of business on a global scale. Smaller companies are already adapting to the use of conversational avenues.

The question of how open we can be on the net is also a complex issue. Internet security, knowledge management and copyright issues make it sometimes difficult to determine, what part of our business should be online and what has to be protected behind firewalls and other security measures.

We've tried to draw a line in the water for ten to fifteen years.

For a company to grow, one of the fundamental decisions to make is to either choose the people working internally with or go decentralized. We didn't have a growth strategy to begin with. We tried to be pretty small for a long time. There was no need to roll it out quickly.

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