The Healthcare IT Guy

The Healthcare IT Guy: "I’ve personally thought for months that Google was working on a medical search portal and mini PHR and some of those thoughts were confirmed when Fred Trotter sent me this link. Fred noted that Google became more specific regarding its healthcare plans and, in what should be surprise to no one, it sounds like they are planning a PHR."

Helge: I blogged this to find people active in the health care and medical electronics space. We're building a virtual organization for the distribution and sales of new diagnostic tools and methods for CTS.

I am CEO of Netspective, a Java/.NET enterprise architect, a Microsoft Architect MVP, and SOA consultant/speaker that specializes in healthcare IT with an emphasis on e-health, EMRs, data integration, and legacy modernization. I also served as HIMSS Enterprise IT Committee Member.

Over the last 15 years the health IT positions I've held include Virtual CTO for CardinalHealth's CTS unit, CTO of a Electronic Medical Records (EMR) company, a Chief Systems Architect at American Red Cross, Architecture Consultant at NIH, and SVP of Healthcare Technology at COMSYS.

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