The IBM of Biotechnology

We're building a new organization that has been coined the IBM of Biotechnology. We should be looking for a new name to suite the global mission. The initial organization will consist of 20 people:
  1. Microbiology Research, CTO (EH) with 30 years of experience
  2. PM specialist (JM) with 30 years of experience
  3. Water (AH) 20 years
  4. Water (XH) 20 years
  5. Wireless information transfer (HP) 30 years
  6. Logistics and global projects (OK) 5 years
  7. Analytics optical (NN) 10 years
  8. Medical (MM) 20 years
  9. Food and medical (IK) 30 years
  10. Lab 10 years
  11. Lab 10 years
  12. Global Operations Leadership, CEO (HK) 35 years
  13. Financing, CFO (XL) 20 years
  14. Information coordinator 10 years
  15. Documentation multimedia 10 years
  16. Assistant 10 years

  17. TOTAL 300 years of experience
We calculate the combined value of that experience is 30 M€. The organization is going to improve processes and the architectures of processes. Areas of interest are:
  1. Forest industry
  2. Clean water
  3. Water treatment plants
  4. Food industry
  5. Biotechnology industries
  6. Energy intensive and added value bioreactors
  7. Environmental

There's been a flurry of activity today. We've been refining the networking organization, overall financing and the key operations areas. It might be a clever idea to locate OK in London. Another possible location is Atlanta, Ga. or Dallas, Texas.

The Finnish operation can be located in K or T. But there will be a strong networking mindset while operations and truly global from the beginning. How to handle global activities and demand is much more important.

We need 20 laptops and 20 advanced smart phones with best possible networking capabilities. The financial package means about 2.5 to 5 Mio € to start with. Another organization that will concentrate on the building of new water treatment plants will require at least 5 mio € to be able to handle an organization of 20 people. These can be two separate companies.

We speak about a model that can be compared to googling, a search engine searching for the best most energy efficient and environmentally safe process models.

For some illustration here's a quick list of Resource Trader Alert gains in the agricultural commodities:

  • Sugar for an incredible 379% in 43 days
  • Sugar again for 204%, 116%, 80%, 33%, 84%, 56% and 110%
  • Coffee for 270% and 156%
  • Orange juice for 355%
  • OJ again for 200%, 36%, 88%, 126% and 110%
  • Cocoa for 56%, 100%, 50%, and 72%
  • Wheat for 146%
  • Soybean oil for 125% and 50%
  • Soybeans for 76% and 73%
  • Corn for 77%, 50%, 70%, and 110%
  • Cattle for 120%, 93%, 42%, 37%, 43% and 79%
China and India's blooming populations need to be fed. The richer those countries become, the more each person will eat. And they'll likely start to consume higher quality foods. These factors will continue to increase global demand for agricultural commodities, which will put upward pressure on their prices.

Energy prices have shot up around the board. Of course we have to take advantage of the energy commodities:

  • 178% in 28 days from Heating Oil
  • 119%, 27% and 52% from Crude Oil
  • 93%, 52% and 72% from Natural Gas

By all counts, it's unlikely that these energy markets will calm down any time soon. And the inevitable sharp commodity price movements promise to be awful kind to options traders.

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