Medical Futures

Medical Futures: "Welcome to Medical Futures, an organization that makes medical ideas happen. The showcase of the 2007 Medical Futures Innovation Awards recently took place at a prestigious venue in central London.

Hosted by Joanna Lumley and Rory Bremner it was a fantastic event attended by over 750 distinguished guests, truly a Who's Who of health care.

The next Medical Futures event will take place at the Medical Innovation Forum on the 23rd October 2007.

Many of the Award winners will be on demonstration and will host round table discussions which you could join.

As with all Medical Futures events, connections are made and relationships formed. Please click here to find out more."

Helge: I'll take you to a journey into the fields of medical electronics. New exciting things are happening in this area.

The virtual organization model can be applied to rapid expansion of diagnostic devices and methods.

They journey is going to take you to various locations where CTS is studied, applied or implemented.
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