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Nokia : Go Play | Press release: Meet Ovi, the door to Nokia’s Internet services. Music, games and maps among the first Ovi services.

Helge: The initial reaction to ovi has been mixed but positiv

London, UK – Nokia 29th introduced August 2007 Ovi, the company’s new Internet services brand name.
Helge: I blogged about OVI in Taloussanomat and the it's one of my most read blog ever in Omasana with a lot of commentary

With the introduction of Ovi, Nokia is expanding from a focus on mobile devices to offering a range of Internet services. Ovi, meaning ‘door’ in Finnish, enables consumers to easily access their existing social network, communities and content, as well as acting as a gateway to Nokia services.
Helge: The name isn't bad. It's short and does have a meaning for Finns.

As part of Ovi, Nokia announced the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage, two services that make it easy for people to discover, try and buy music and games from a blockbuster range of artists and publishers, including exclusive content only available through Nokia. Also under the Ovi umbrella is Nokia Maps, a navigation service that offers maps, city guides and more directly to compatible mobile devices.
Helge: Music, games, multimedia...

Nokia aims to bring more Internet based services to Ovi in the coming months.

Speaking at the Nokia Go Play event in London, Nokia President and Chief Executive Officer Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo presented Ovi and the new Nokia services for consumers, and spoke about the company’s future plans as an Internet company: “The industry is converging towards Internet driven experiences and Ovi represents Nokia’s vision in combining the Internet and mobility. Nokia is the number one mobile device company in the world. Looking into the future, we will deliver great devices, combined with compelling experiences and services, to make it easy for people to unlock the potential of the Internet.”
Helge: Nokia's first long step towards Internet. They want to combine Internet and the mobility.

“We started this journey with our navigation services earlier this year and we are now combining all our services into a single branded offering – Ovi by Nokia. Over the coming 12 months, you will see us integrate new user interface elements, service suites and web communities to Ovi,” added Kallasvuo.

Ovi – one key opens every door.

Helge: I've not been inside. The presentation is a huge Flash.

Ovi ( is the gateway to Nokia’s Internet services, including the Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps, and N-Gage games. It will also be an open door to web communities, enabling people to access their content, communities and contacts from a single place, either directly from a compatible Nokia device or from a PC. The first version of is scheduled to go live in English during the fourth quarter of 2007 and additional features and languages expected to go live during the first half of 2008.
Helge: Web community. There will be language versions.

Nokia Music Store – all the world’s music in your pocket

The Nokia Music Store ( offers millions of tracks from major artists, independent labels as well as a broad range of local artists from around the world. The store is accessible via a desktop computer or directly from a compatible Nokia device, such as the Nokia N81 or Nokia N95 8GB multimedia computer. Browse for new music, buy what you like or add a song to your wishlist to download later.
Helge: Millions of tracks available.

  • You can easily transfer your purchased songs to your mobile device and with the built-in music player, create playlists on the go and manage your music collection.
  • The Nokia Music Store offers full track streaming on your PC as well as individual track and album purchase.
  • The dynamic recommendation engine and genre-based instant playlists provide access to show you what 29th August 2007
  • Nokia : Go Play
Helge: OK, I can download to my PC as well.

Press release

The store opens across key European markets this fall with additional stores in Europe and Asia opening over the coming months. In Europe, individual tracks cost EUR 1.00 and albums from EUR 10.00, with a monthly subscription for PC streaming for EUR 10.00.
Helge: 100 million downloads is 100 million euros. Nokia gets a piece of the cage, but most of the money goes to the music industry.

N-Gage - mobile gaming experience

N-Gage offers an easy way to find, try and buy great quality games directly from your compatible Nokia device. Selecting the N-Gage application on your compatible Nokia device, you can preview available games, connect with your friends, read reviews or download a free demo. Buying games is easy, either with a credit card or by charging to your monthly phone bill. Companies like Electronic Arts and Gameloft are making some of their biggest brands available through N-Gage. The application is expected to be available for download from in November 2007.

Helge: I think about independent producers. Is Digital Chocolate one of them?

“We know that people want integrated access to great content without the constraints of having to sit behind a computer or in front of a TV. With the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage services, you can access the best in music and games directly from your Nokia N-series multimedia computer,” said Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president and general manager, Multimedia, Nokia.

“We expect the mobile device to become the most popular platform – the ‘fourth screen’ – for enjoying your digital content. Ovi brings our Internet services vision to life, where people can create, share and consume facts, feelings and emotions wherever and whenever.”

Helge: The fourth screen!

Nokia also announced several new devices and enhancements, providing a range of design and technology choices for consumers.

Helge: I didn't look at the devices this time.

About Nokia

Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. Nokia makes a wide range of mobile devices and provides people with experiences in music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games and business mobility through these devices. Nokia also provides equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.

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29th August 2007

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