The Otherland Group

The Otherland Group: "About The Otherland Group The Otherland Group is a new company, based in Berlin, focusing on professional services in the realm of virtual words. We provide consulting, development and online services for b2c and b2b oriented projects in virtual worlds. It is our firm belief, that these 3D virtual worlds are a very important part of next evolutionary step of the world wide web.

The Otherland Group will pave the way to the future 3D web by providing services for companies and other organizations wishing to enter virtual worlds and by showing them the real value behind these new communication channels.

Our activities are grouped into three divisions Otherland Consulting, Otherland Development, Otherland Services (which includes our existing real estate business and the Inworld Advertising Network, IAN) It is time to leave the hype behind and start making sense of business in virtual worlds!"

Helge: Connected to the group through Twitter
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