Riskiest U.S. Housing Markets - Forbes.com

Riskiest U.S. Housing Markets - Forbes.com: "Our ranking of the country's riskiest markets measures which of the 40 largest metros are most vulnerable to future shocks. We've done this by assessing which have the most strained lending conditions, and which markets are the most overvalued and likely to face downward price pressures.

Related Stories Most Resilient U.S. Real Estate Markets America's Most Overpriced Real Estate Markets Many of the cities on our list--like San Francisco and San Diego--are traditional high fliers where speculators can still make a lot of money if they pick the right neighborhood or hit the price trough.

Of course, they might also take a serious bath. Others, like Chicago or Phoenix, are generally stable markets that are currently under significant strains. Finally, some, like Cincinnati or Kansas City, are precariously teetering and are not well equipped to handle further downturn."
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