As Apple Gains PC Market Share, Jobs Talks of a Decade of Upgrades - New York Times

Apple Computer has been along for three decades. I started to work with Apple Computer Finland 1981.

Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Digital Equipment, Nokia, etc. have been important companies in my life.

The personal computer, PC was a big thing in the 80's. The new and emerging thing is mobile connectivity. Nokia is a central global player in this game.

As Apple Gains PC Market Share, Jobs Talks of a Decade of Upgrades - New York Times: "SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21 — It may have dropped the word “computer” from its name, but Apple is certainly selling plenty of Macs.

Skip to next paragraph Multimedia Related Times Topics: Steven P. Jobs Driven in part by what analysts call a halo effect from the iPod and the iPhone, the market share of the company’s personal computers is surging.

Two research firms that track the computer market said last week that Apple would move into third place in the United States behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell on Monday, when it reports product shipments in the fiscal fourth quarter as part of its earnings announcement.

“The Macintosh has a lot of momentum now,” said Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, in a telephone interview last week. “It is outpacing the industry.”

On Friday, Apple will start selling the new Leopard version of its OS X operating system, which has a range of features that in some cases match those in Windows Vista and in others surpass them.

Mr. Jobs said that Leopard would anchor a schedule of product upgrades that could continue for as long as a decade."
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