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Helge: I note about this barcamp here to have it for future use.

BarCamp wiki / mobileCampLondon: "The camp is over! Thanks to everyone who came and helped out! For coverage of the event, including videos and podcasts soon, check out: mobileCampLondon is for designers/developers/entrepreneurs/artists working on mobile applications, devices, and experiences.

From FlashLite and mobile Processing to openMoko, Green Phone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and the iPhone, we’ll spend the weekend asking questions: What do these platforms mean for art, design, commerce and communication?

How do we create simple, engaging, and beautiful experiences with the complex soup of technologies at our disposal? We want to create a camp where hackers and designers can come and play together.

If you do stuff with small screens, voice, or something in between, come and share. mobileCampLondon is about big idea evangelism, and nitty-gritty details.

We’ll look at what matters most: well crafted code, and a solid understanding of how people use their phones. Never been to a barcamp before? Check out The rules of barcamp."
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