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Helge: Learned through twitter. Need to take a closer look at VentureCamp. We've opportunities in this country that might be interesting for US and EU business angels.Amanda Lorenzani

AmandaLorenzani my thoughts on Italy's first venturecamp:

blognation Italy: "This weekend VentureCamp took place in Rome and it was a day full of surprises. There’s a backlash happening around the Italian blogosphere recently about BarCamps in general, with many lamenting the fact that there are too many that attract the same crowd and are not “real” BarCamps.

It’s a shame the critics we not present at VentureCamp, as many of the points of consternation were expelled at the event. VentureCamp Innovators, start ups, seasoned and first generation entrepreneurs, business angels, venture capitalists and a Skype chat with Logitech Co Founder Giacomo Marini live from the US were all part of the agenda.

Compared with many recent BarCamps in Italy, this one really provided food for thought and advice from some of Italy’s most notable web entrepreneurs. If proof was needed that Italy is at the start of an interesting new phase, it was certainly visible at VentureCamp. There were fewer attendees, but quite frankly, all the better."
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