Conversation Agent visits Apple Store

I blogged today about Apple stores and why women think it's a great place to go fro electronics, computers, iPhone, iPod, Apple Computers, etc.

Valeria Maltoni is the Conversation Agent. She tells about her visit to the Apple Store...

Conversation Agent: "Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the Apple store in King of Prussia, PA. It was my second two plus hour long visit at that store. In case you have not been to an Apple store I recommend it as field research -- you will be impressed.

On a first glance the place is crawling with people of all ages and nationalities -- yes, French, Germans, Italians and even Japanese were there -- some coming in for the first time, some spending time there every weekend. It looks like chaos, yet there is a method to the madness.

The staff can be recognized by the black Apple t-shirts and name badges. Other that that, they look as animated and excited about being there as the customers do. Rather than being idle, they deep dive in conversations with customers.

On my first visit, Anthony provided a two and a half hour tutorial on iMacs, printers that go best with them, and how to integrate digital cameras and other tools. We made movies of us talking, presentations with music, and drafted a home budget.

The opposite of pushy, Anthony followed with an email I asked him to send to help me schedule an appointment when Leopard (the new operating system) was released. Since he wasn't at the store when I scheduled, a combination of Joe and Josh helped me with my purchases. I went grocery shopping with Josh as we looked at iPhone features, we talked about his girlfriend..."

One-Line Bio Valeria Maltoni

Valeria Maltoni has been called a communicator, a marketer, and a Renaissance person. Using her experience in communications, customer dialogue, and brand management, Valeria has come to define modern business as a long and open conversation. is recognized among the world's top online marketing blogs. Valeria is a Fast Company Expert blogger and a contributor to The Blog Herald and Marketing Profs Daily Fix. She is a co-author of The Age of Conversation, a groundbreaking ebook collaboration by 103 of today's top marketing writers.

Valeria is a frequent public speaker on brand marketing, customer service, and building successful business teams. She publishes in both English and Italian. Educated at the University of Bologna and Villanova University, Valeria combines New World sensibilities with Italian style.

She's an active member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the American Marketing Association (AMA), the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia (WACA), and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

BOLOGNA: We visited Bologna in the spring of 2006. Need to add a photo from Bologna to this post.

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