How to Write a Powerful Article that Gets People to Read It on Squidoo

How to Write a Powerful Article that Gets People to Read It on Squidoo: "The Power of Writing Articles What you can do to create powerful articles Content is the basic building block of the Internet. Without it, there would be no need to browse the web.

The value of a site is based upon its content and the better the content, the better the perceived value of a website. The more valuable a website is viewed by its visitors, the more people online will consider it a resource, and refer to it and link to it.

So the key in creating a resource website is to produce content that people will think is valueable. One way to do that, is to write articles that are informative, interesting, solve a problem, or answer a question, and are well written.

We will go over the basic and necessary elements that are required to write an article that will get people to respond and seek you out for additional information.

Once you have a powerful article, you can then move into the phase of promoting your article, or publishing it on your own site.

This lens will only focus on creating a powerful article. Follow along for a step by step process."

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