Industrial Facility at Nurmeksentie 80, 80100 Joensuu

I wrote about this Perlos real estate 10/26/07 6:50 PM based on information received from a local real estate agent.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 I had a Completely different posting. It was about "China getting big." How the cradle of innovation have been moving from America and Europe to the world at large. A round table from the Fortune Innovation Forum discussed the role of innovation, China and India as emerging production superpowers.

"China is the worlds largest cell phone market and second largest PC market," was the topic March 2006.

What is really going to happen? What has happened since? The threats and opportunities of globalization

Internet as a communication channel
- All those different products that needs to be sold can be profiled and documented
- Communication is easier than ever
- We've a cost-effective channel but do we know how to use it?

People talk about innovation
- product
- marketing
- production
- business processes
- incremental innovation
- innovation is just beginning

Is Software growing?
- devices will be growing more rapidly
- The Internet is the place where the information is
- Nokia is a good example: its gadgets are selling well
- Take a look at Tieto Enator the software ans systems solutions company: not growing

The bandwidth people now have give us tremendeous new possibilities
- non-PC devices are coming to the market
- mobility is improving: Steven Jobs spoke about the beginning of post-PC era 2007
- we haven't invested in the infrastructure (US statement)
- how are we going to capitalize on mobility and new services?

Innovations are not birth-rights for U.S., Europe or Finland...
- we've a tremendous amount of things to catch up with in the forestry sector
- the entrepreneurial companies are small, are they able to handle growth?
- innovation about business management techniques in high demand
- organizing design processes in a modern way and global open innovation
- hundreds of companies coming together to do mashups
- it's a bottom up process today
- it's a modular process
- it's an opportunity for loosely coupled organizations

You can see this in a lot of product categories
- motor cycles
- a modular approach
- we haven't even begun the study modularity and co-creation yet
- how to drive the innovation process related to crowd-sourcing
- it's a network of relationships
- the business process advantage is high-speed innovation

Where the world has moved
- it's the innovation that matters
- it will distinguish us from the crowd
- my little invention can be a big hit when applied on a global scale
- it will be much more open
- innovators and business people need to have and build relationships
- much more multidisciplinary

We might not get there fast enough
- we are looking at this in a different way
- how do you define innovations?
- product
- service
- business process innovations are just as important
- reinventing it in a very new way
- organizational
- the old ways of command and control are on the way out
- it will be much more collaborative
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