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Helge: I've been writing several posts about this deal several times. Microblogging is becoming a mainstream trend. It started as a test-platform for socially oriented nerds. Now it's spreading towards the average surfer. Jaiku is bringing a new dimension to interaction. The social is becoming even more important than the content. Blogged about that in digitalvillages. Jeff Pulver did give me the inspiration.

The Macrocompany (Google) Buys Into Microblogging (Jaiku) - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog: "The Macrocompany (Google) Buys Into Microblogging (Jaiku) By Saul Hansell Tags: Google, jaiku, microblogging, social networking, twitter Here’s the news: Google bought Jaiku. That was actually a test.

If you actually know what Jaiku is, you have probably already heard about the acquisition on Twitter or on Jaiku itself. In other words, you are on the vanguard of trying to evolve a new sensory organ devoted to instantly perceiving what your friends are doing at any moment (and at the same time, how to profit from the latest technology trends).

Otherwise, you probably assumed Jaiku is some game played with dice that Google will put in its employee lounges. I’ll bet this second group represents something that rounds easily to 100 percent of the adult population. For all of those people: Jaiku, like Twitter, is what has become known as a microblogging service that lets people send short blasts of information about themselves to their friends and to the public.

The company is based in Helsinki, and was founded by Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen. Not surprisingly both have been heavily involved in the mobile phone world. (Here are Google’s blog post and Jaiku’s FAQ on the deal.)"
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