The Magic of Including People : []

The Magic of Including People : []: "The Magic of Including People Filed Under Article gathering Participation is a powerful thing.

There’s nothing more magical than including others into your circle, be it at a social event, at work, or in the larger context of using social networks and media.

Here are some thoughts about how this impacts your work and your life overall. Building Networks Fosters Support In building a social network, I try my best to be as inclusive of people as I can.

In the online world, this means that if someone I don’t know adds me to Facebook, I accept, because it might be that they read my blog or follow my Twitters, and maybe they are great folks who know something, and have something to add to the conversation.

Why should I exclude them. The more folks in a network, the more likely someone I’m connected with knows something. I decided to ask a question about professional speaking today, and asked seven people in my network.

When I need support, I have a network to reach out to, and I use it regularly. Conversely, I try to be as helpful as possible all the time, too."
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