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The Mobile Journalism Toolkit contents - Reuters Mobile Journalism: "So what is in the Mobile Journalism Toolkit? First of all the phone. This is a Nokia N95 which now comes in three different versions.

The original European version that we used for most of the trial (image on left). Then there is a the US edition which adds more memory and support for US carrier frequencies. Finally there is the news 8GB version which can store much more music and videos, and for our journalists more raw materials.

The next part of the toolkit are the peripherals. A key component was the bluetooth keyboard that we used. This made it much easier to enter text-based stories in the field. For this we used the Nokia SU-8W (see image on left).

This folds up and has a bracket to hold the phone.nokiakeyboard.jpg We also supplied a basic tripod to help in video interviews and a Sony microphone for directional audio recording and reducing background noise in interviews - this required a special adaptor plug that was made by Nokia for the project.

Finally to deal with power issues we also used Power Monkeys, both basic and Explorer versions. The Explorer has a solar charging system which was particularly useful in Senegal."

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