Our Channel Strategy

Our Channel Strategy

We're working with a big channel diversification strategy. Our blogs will be tuned to deliver specific themes, content and messages.

An important market factor is "buyer behavior"; how do buyer's want to purchase our and our clients products and/ or services?

Do they prefer to buy from retailers, locally, via mail order or perhaps over the Internet?

Our idea is to support a continuous service supply over Internet. This means that we can extend our production network.

Another important factor is buyer needs for product information, installation and servicing.

Internet, blogs, social media and microblogs make it possible to have a continuous dialog with our potential customers, partners and clients.

Which channels are best served to provide the customer with the information they need before buying?

Knowledge Management is produced and delivered over Internet.

Does the product need specific technical assistance either to install or service a product?

We build specific training programs to ensure product and service use and efficiency.

Intermediaries are often best placed to provide servicing rather than the original producer - for example in the case of motor cars.

We don't deliver physical goods.

The willingness of channel intermediaries to market product is also a factor.

We need to do things to make cooperation more attractive.

Retailers in particular invest heavily in properties, shop fitting etc. They may decide not to support a particular product if it requires too much investment (e.g. training, display equipment, warehousing).

Some of our clients do need to think about this as well.

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