Zennstrom defends Skype while stepping down

SCOOP: Zennstrom defends Skype while stepping down: "SCOOP: Zennstrom defends Skype while stepping down October 1st, 2007 ·

By Thomas Crampton October 1, 2007 - Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and co-founder of Skype, today stepped down from the company ahead of the scheduled work-through period for its acquisition by eBay.

Shortly before the public announcement of his departure, Zennstrom agreed to give an exclusive English-language interview to this blog.


eBay has recently faced much criticism for a deal struck two years ago to pay $2.6 billion to purchase the free telephone service.

Intended to expand the auction website’s market share and payment operation, analysts have lately warned that Skype has failed to bring enough growth or monetize the user base fast enough.

Zennstrom vigorously defended Skype’s performance, saying that few companies have ever grown a user base so quickly and warning against quick monetization of users drawn to a free service.

“Some people have been critical of Skype, but I am very proud of the company’s growth,” Zennstrom said in a telephone interview with ThomasCrampton.com.

“Very few companies can claim to match the growth trajectory Skype is on and continues to be on...”
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