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Web 2.0 lessons from the BBC

October 16, 2007 - 4:35pm

Forrester Research recently posted an interesting blog that discussed how the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) adopted various Web 2.0 tools and some of the tricks they used plus the realities of large-scale successful deployments. Today, the BBC has thousands of wiki users and hundreds of people blogging. According to the BBC, they are now seeing incredible value from these tools; however, it was by no means an overnight success. Here's some of the key lessons the BBC learned from their Web 2.0 experiment:

Web 2.0 tools inside the enterprise can be a catalyst for more collaborative business workplaces - For the BBC, its enterprise-wide collaboration today spans several continents and over 47 language services. "People need to work together who come from wildly different backgrounds (cultures, languages, etc.)." They found simple tools like forums worked better than many formal initiative they had tried in the past.

Start small, focus on the right use-case, don't be afraid to experiment, and make sure ownership is clear - Since Web 2.0 tools, like wikis and blogs, change the traditional hierarchical, command-and-control structure of how communications and collaboration occur, organizations have to be ready for the inevitable 'flattening' effect these tools will have in the workplace. "One thing that helped at the BBC was that the forum environment was collectively owned; this helped people take responsibility for how it was used."

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