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Would I like to see the Facebook updates on my Twitter? I'm not sure. I like to have the Twitter clean. Facebook is another story. Should I be fascinated by the widgets or think that they are adding to some clutter aesthetics? Not yet sure, need to work with the FB for some more time. My interest is now driven by curiosity. Will FB deliver some real value some day?

TwitterSweet — The Unofficial Twitter Blog: "You can now update your Facebook status via Twitter. After the launch of an official Twitter application on Facebook, observations on several blogs noting the similarity between Twitter updates and Facebook statuses, and even a quickly-silenced hack for integrating the two services, blognation Japan reports that the much-anticipated integration of the two platforms has begun.

Previously, one could update their Twitter through Facebook; now the communication goes in both directions. Facebook has also taken steps to solve the problem of Twitter updates flooding the already-crowded News Feed on its homepages: Please be aware if you Twitter often, the updates are NOT automatic.

The Twitter app in Facebook updates approximately every 30 minutes or so which means if you Twitter often, every update may not immediately appear right away. Note: I think it does update both Twitter and Facebook status immediately if you post your update via the Twitter FB app itself, instead of Twitterrific or the like."
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