Apaja Online Entertainment Oy

Apaja Online Entertainment Oy: "1.75 M EUR INVESTMENT FROM MARTINSON TRIGON VC fund invests into development and internationalization of Apaja's gaming community Martinson Trigon Venture Partners (MTVP), a private equity partnership focusing exclusively on technology, media and telecom sectors, has invested 1.75 million Euros into Apaja Online Entertainment.

Helge: This is a new company to me. I don't follow gaming but I understand the potential of it.

- We liked Apaja's unique concept and excellent management team. We believe that the company is set to have a good position in fast-growing casual gaming market, says Allan Martinson, Managing Partner of Martinson Trigon Venture Partners.

Helge: Unique and excellent...sounds cute.

Martinson has also been named as a member of Apaja's Board of Directors. - We shared a similar vision with MTVP regarding Playray's future development and we are excited to have them on board.

Helge: Sharing the vision...Ahaa.

In our service casual online gaming is combined with virtual avatars and social networking, which is a great base to develop our community further. Our main target now with MTVP is to open Middle- and East-European countries. The service should be running in 14 countries by the end of this year, comments Apaja's CEO Inka Mero."

Helge: Casual online gaming, virtual avtars and social networking...14 countries, okay, I see.

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