Berners-Lee: Free The Mobile Internet

Berners-Lee: Free The Mobile Internet: "If only it wasn't filled with so many roadblocks. 'Lot's of people are still thinking in closed ways, and it is sometimes difficult to move away from proprietary formats and protocols,' Berners-Lee said during a keynote address at the inaugural Mobile Internet World conference in Boston yesterday. Burners-Lee is convinced that the right mix of standards, contextual content, location-based technology and user awareness will drive a more improved mobile Internet experience, compared to the Web experience we now have, which doesn't garner many rave reviews. 'Today's mobile Internet pretty much sucks,' said Emily Green, Yankee Group President and CEO. What with exorbitant billing rates for little info nuggets, multiple browsers to contend with and speed hassles, 'it's really not that good."

Helge: Mobile is still a gadget. It's a phone turned to camera. What else? There are aspirations for Internet usage. The little screen and tiny keyboard doesn't make it easy to use. A mobile phone doesn't need to be too small. Let me have pocket book size post-pc mobile hand-sets.
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